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  • MEMOIR : Kerry OBrien **Special Price**

    MEMOIR : Kerry OBrien   **Special Price**
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    ISBN: 9781760296438
    Title: MEMOIR : Kerry OBrien **Special Price**
    Author: OBRIEN KERRY
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    'Let me get the really big news out of the way up front...I have never died my hair. And it's not a wig. Welcome to the world of television, with pockets of depth, rare brilliant insight but always the threat of superficiality.' Thus begins Kerry O'Brien's much awaited memoir.

    Kerry has been speaking to Australia for over fifty years. His is the voice of every significant event in our recent history, of turmoils, upheavals, national and international crises and celebrations.

    In journey from the nuclear to the digital age and beyond, Kerry O'Brien has come face to face with the giants of his time-from Mandela to Thatcher, Obama, Bowie and Muhammad Ali. In Australia he has watched twelve prime ministers come and go and has called the powerful to account. Born days after the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, O'Brien is the quintessential post-war baby.

    In a ground-breaking but very personal account he reflects on the social and political upheavals he has witnessed, of lessons learned and lessons ignored, and the personalities who have made history all the while sharing some of his own story.

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