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  • YELLOW NOTEBOOK : Diaries Volume One 1978-1987

    YELLOW NOTEBOOK : Diaries Volume One 1978-1987
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    ISBN: 9781922268143
    Title: YELLOW NOTEBOOK : Diaries Volume One 1978-1987
    Author: GARNER HELEN
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Helen Garner has kept a diary for almost all her life. But until now, those exercise books filled with her thoughts, observations, frustrations and joys have been locked away, out of bounds, in a laundry cupboard.

    Finally, Garner has opened her diaries and invited readers into the world behind her novels and works of non-fiction. Recorded with frankness, humour and steel-sharp wit, these accounts of her everyday life provide an intimate insight into the work of one of Australia's greatest living writers.

    Yellow Notebook, Diaries Volume One, in this elegant hardback edition, spans about a decade beginning in the late 1970s just after the publication of her first novel, Monkey Grip. It will delight Garner fans and those new to her work alike.

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