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    ISBN: 9780857525857
    Title: WAITER
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Set in an Oslo restaurant and narrated with searing wit and irresistible charm by a neurotic waiter, this Norwegian literary sensation is to be published around the world. For lovers of A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW and REMAINS OF THE DAY.

    Welcome to The Hills, Oslo’s most esteemed restaurant, an institution stewed in tradition and clinging to the faded grandeur of old Europe.

    A neurotic waiter tends to the desires of his regular – and irregular – clientele. Aristocrats and artistes, wealthy widows and roguish entrepreneurs, he observes all their dramas with a wit as sharp as a filleting knife.

    At table ten sits the impeccable Mr Graham, the most demanding of them all, impatiently awaiting a special guest. When at last she arrives – young, beautiful, mysterious – she will prove a challenging new flavour, throwing into disarray our waiter’s nerves, and the delicately balanced ingredients of the room.

    Exquisitely observed and wickedly playful, The Waiter is a novel for lovers of food, wine, and of European sensibilities, but also for anyone who spends time in restaurants, on either side of the service.

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