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  • ART OF JAZZ : A Visual History

    ART OF JAZZ : A Visual History
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    ISBN: 9781623545048
    Title: ART OF JAZZ : A Visual History
    Author: SHIPTON ALYN
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: December 2020 New Release

    Everyone knows jazz is on the cutting edge of music, but how much do you know about its influence in the visual arts? With album covers that took inspiration from the avant-garde, jazz's primarily African American musicians and their producers sought to challenge and inspire listeners both musically and visually.

    Arranged chronologically, each chapter covers a key period in jazz history, from the earliest days of the twentieth century to today's postmodern jazz. Chapters begin with substantive introductions and present the evolution of jazz imagery in all its forms, mirroring the shifting nature of the music itself. With two authoritative features per chapter and over 300 images, The Art of Jazz is a significant contribution to the literature of this intrepid art form.

    Imprint: Random House Publishing
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