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  • MIRKA AND GEORGES : A Culinary Affair

    MIRKA AND GEORGES : A Culinary Affair
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    ISBN: 9780522872200
    Title: MIRKA AND GEORGES : A Culinary Affair
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    They entertained Mick Jagger. They have connections to Albert Einstein and Ned Kelly. Their local admirers are a who's who of artists, writers, film makers, politicians and celebrities. The impact of Mirka and Georges Mora on Australian food culture and the art scene has been remarkable.

    Arriving from Paris in 1951, these bon vivants brought colour and flavour to local society and the culinary landscape. Their apartment in Melbourne's centre became a hub for the bohemian set, and their cafes and restaurants brimmed with food, sex and art. Mirka's distinctive paintings and drawings were a vital part of this heady mix.

    Launched in the year of Mirka's 90th birthday, Mirka & Georges- A Culinary Affair gloriously illustrates the Moras' extraordinary story. With classic French recipes from the couple's eateries and home kitchen, photographs from family albums and from inside Mirka's studio, as well as Mirka's vibrant artworks, the inimitable personalities of these epicurean pioneers leap out of these pages.

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