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  • THERE IT IS AGAIN : Selected Non-Fiction **Special Price**

    THERE IT IS AGAIN : Selected Non-Fiction   **Special Price**
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    ISBN: 9780143787006
    Title: THERE IT IS AGAIN : Selected Non-Fiction **Special Price**
    Author: WATSON DON
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    From birds, to love letters, imagined apologies, politicians, pokies and the horses, Don Watson brings his distinctive voice and way of seeing to a myriad of subjects.

    Speechwriter, historian, essayist, word doctor; Don Watson has a gift for gently guiding us to the nub of a matter and a grinding of the teeth, an aha or a chuckle with his fine facility with words.

    Over the years Don has written on politics and politicians – Australian and North American, sport, birds and nature, horse-racing, history and military events. Sometimes in celebration of a moment or a creature of beauty and other times because he deplores something he has seen and must take a stand.

    At the heart of all of his work is the knowledge that words, with meaning, matter.

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