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  • ABR
    JUNE - JULY 2020
    Title: ABR
    Author: JUNE - JULY 2020
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    June–July 2020, no. 422

    Our winter double issue features two superb meditations on family, gender, mourning and becoming. Yves Rees is the winner of this year's Calibre Essay Prize. 'Reading the Mess Backwards' is a story of trans becoming that digs into the messiness of bodies, gender and identity. ABR Rising Star Sarah Walker writes beautifully about losing her mother and the difficulties of commemoration during a pandemic. James Ley has a virtuoso pastiche of Philip Roth in his review of the Portnoy trials. Sophie Cunningham reviews Richard Cooke's book on Robyn Davidson. Plus poems by Gwen Harwood, Jaya Savige, and Stephen Edgar – and much more!

    Imprint: MAGAZINES
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    Price: $12.95
  • ARCHER #12 - The Play Issue
    ARCHER #12 - The Play Issue
    ISBN: 9780648558309
    Title: ARCHER #12 - The Play Issue
    Author: #12
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    This issue features:

    * Q&A with Uncle Jack Charles by ELIZABETH FLUX
    * Trans inclusion in sport by HANNAH MOUNCEY
    * LGBTQIA+ gaming by ALAYNA COLE
    * Aboriginal queer motherhood by BRIDGET CALDWELL
    * Faith and sexuality by JESSICA KNIGHT
    * Sex toys and body dysphoria by NEVO ZISIN
    * Swingers by SAMSON AND GODIVA
    * Lingerie and kink by ALYSSA KITT HANLEY
    * Greek androgyny by DMETRI KAKMI
    * Non-binary and presentation by ELIZABETH WILLIAM STREET
    * Sex work and labour by IRMA VEP
    * Nightlife as community by KELLY LOVEMONSTER


    Cover image: Pancetta Love by SHELLEY HORAN

    Imprint: ARCHER
    RRP: $16.95

    Price: $16.95
  • ARCHER #13 - The First Nations Issue
    ARCHER #13 - The First Nations Issue
    ISBN: 9772204735002
    Title: ARCHER #13 - The First Nations Issue
    Author: #13
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE


    Guest edited by Bridget Caldwell-Bright and Maddee Clark.

    Featuring words by:
    Andrew Farrell
    Indiah Money
    Kai Clancy
    Rose Chalks
    SJ Norman
    Timmah Ball
    Tré Turner
    William Cooper

    Featuring images by:
    Moorina Bonini
    William Cooper
    Ebony Daniels
    Edwina Green
    Morgan Hickinbotham
    Jacinta Keefe
    Ricardo Martinez-Roa
    Daniel McDonald
    Hailey Harper Moroney
    SJ Norman
    Bodie Strain
    Pierra Van Sparkes
    Toz Withall

    Imprint: ARCHER
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    Price: $16.95
    ISSUE 163
    ISBN: 9771039101006
    Author: ISSUE 163
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Arena is well known in Melbourne and Australia more broadly as a publication which has made an impact on political and cultural interpretation and practice over a period of more than thirty years. However, Arena is more than this or that publication. It is composed of a core of people with a large number of friends and supporters who have established various venues and discussion projects in Melbourne and its environs as well as engaging in a variety of practical endeavours over this period.

    The core value of co-operation stands at the centre of what motivates and structures the practices and discussions of people at Arena. It is a value which has had superficial meanings for many groups, but be that as it may, it needs to be re-thought in fundamental ways given the collapse of older notions of socialist co-operation. This project enlivens all the discussions held in Arena settings and shapes the activities and publications of Arena editors.

    Over the last three decades people associated with Arena have established research and conference facilities in both the country and the city, and in the latter there is a thriving centre which combines publication, public discussion and a commercial printery.

    Arena has never accepted government support of any kind and has been fortunate to have been valued sufficiently by its friends for them to help its development financially in a variety of ways.

    Imprint: MAGAZINES
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    ISBN: 9781909889323
    Title: GRANTA 151 : MEMBRANES
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: May 2020 New Release

    Membranes - porous biological interfaces which regulate flows between one zone and another - are the foundational image for an issue guest-edited by Granta contributor and best-selling novelist Rana Dasgupta. Featuring new poetry from Andrew McMillan and Tishani Doshi, photography from Ruchir Joshi, Arturo Soto Gutierrez, Monica de la Torre and Anita Khemka, as well as cutting-edge fiction and thought-provoking essays: Fatin Abbas on the border between Sudan and South Sudan Lydia Davis on faultlines in families Mark Doty on homelessness in New York City Anouchka Grose on infidelity and the idea of the unwanted third Daisy Hildyard on membranes in the human body Adam Jasper on Christian Enzensberger and 'smut' Kapka Kassabova on lakes and Europe Anita Roy on the newt Eyal Weizman on contemporary architectural strategies for repelling and dividing people

    Imprint: GRANTA
    RRP: $24.99

    Price: $24.99
    ISSUE 159
    ISBN: 9780648271970
    Title: ISLAND MAGAZINE #159
    Author: ISSUE 159
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    We are always excited when we publish Island, but perhaps even more so with this next issue. After being unsuccessful in achieving a renewal of multi-year grant funding from Arts Tasmania, it seemed unlikely that the magazine would survive 2019, let alone 2020. But due to an anonymous private benefactor, a matched once-only government grant and some individual donors, we were able to start work on the 2020 publishing schedule (albeit reduced to two issues instead of the normal four). The global pandemic has certainly added some extra challenges, but here we are, about to publish issue 159, the first of our two 2020 issues!

    We cannot express how grateful we are to everyone who has made this possible – our funding, design and advertising partners, our donors, our contributors and our readers.

    This is the first issue put together by our refreshed editorial team of Anna Spargo-Ryan (nonfiction), Ben Walter (fiction), Lisa Gorton (poetry) and Judith Abell (art features). We are thrilled to have them on board. They bring such enthusiasm, energy and commitment to their task, and have delivered selections that are richly diverse and worthy.

    Here you’ll find poems about fires, bodies, art and violence – including some that recall the summer’s fires and others that resonate with the confinement of these isolated days. You’ll also find thoughtful essays about the arts in this time of crisis, but also about ideas as important now as ever, such as togetherness, curiosity, love and the deep solace to be found in nature. There’s fresh, funny, clever and shocking fiction here that will take you on a dizzying ride through far-flung hotel rooms (how distant they seem right now!), the comic drama of suburban renovations, the strange world of the workplace and the bizarre one of reality TV crime drama, the mysteries of childhood, and one of the darkest great-aunts you’ll ever meet. As always, our art features enrich the issue, and this time they coalesce around various sites and forms of tragedy and extinction – from Julie Gough’s Tense Past, to Lucienne Rickard’s Extinction Studies and Selena de Carvalho’s Beware of Imposters (the secret life of flowers) – all of them urging us to attend to what has been lost and what can yet be lost.

    We hope that these voices will inspire, entertain and comfort you in our uncertain and vulnerable times.

    Imprint: MAGAZINES
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    Price: $16.50
    ISBN: 9771835566009
    Author: #45
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Issue 45 of The Lifted Brow: essays, fiction, translations, commentary, criticism, poetry, and as always so many pages of comics and illustrations.

    With cover art by Michael Fikaris, Issue 45 of The Lifted Brow includes:

    ** An adaptation of Nic Holas' Brow Talk about how far we have come in depathologising but not depoliticising our sex lives, guest edited by TLB founder Ronnie Scott;

    ** Georgia Mill elucidates the invisible but entrenched barriers to queer parenthood in Australia;

    ** An exploratory essay from Tess Pearson that pieces together language and the body after pregnancy;

    ** Kate Scardifield with an experimental essay on limbs, detachment, and the instinct to collect and categorise;

    ** Aurora Scott with a lyric essay on islands, rocks, isolation and attention;

    ** Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn writing on breaking the silence in the mining industry and why it is so hard to be heard;

    ** An excerpt from Eloise Grills' upcoming Brow Books publication big beautiful female theory;

    ** Odette Casamayor-Cisneros, translated by Erin Goodman, with a story that peers through the screen and finds the other side wanting; plus an interview between author and translator on work, intimacy, and the soundtrack to it all;

    ** Punchy dystopic fiction from Kang Young-Sook, translated by Janet Hong, on contagion and the bonds that hold us;

    ** A prose poem from Rosmarie Waldrop that scrutinises semantics;

    ** Poetry from Georgia Kartas, Panda Wong, and Jason Phu;

    ** columns: Antonia Pont’s tour-de-force ‘Thinking Feeling’ column about the ethics and micro-dynamics of leadership; Jana Perkovic’s column ‘The Critic’ reflects on Exit Strategies, and the complex work of leaving; and Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny Phang’s famous ‘Law School’ sex+relationships advice column;

    ** A new ‘By Numbers’ feature by Panda Wong that uses numerical data to investigate the world of trees;

    and new comics and visual art by April Phillips, Anya Davidson, Wakana Yamazaki, Mary Leunig, Can Yalcinkaya, Ashley Ronning, Angelica Roache-Wilson, Humyara Mahbub, Shae San Sim, Emma Davidson, Zanem Zlemeša, Ben Constantine, Emilie Walsh, Christine Obst, Tom Groenestyn, and Oscar Nimmo.

    Imprint: MAGAZINES
    RRP: $15.95

    Price: $15.95
    VOL 5 NUMBER 2
    ISBN: 9772016012803
    Author: VOL 5 NUMBER 2
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

    Imprint: MEKONG REVIEW
    RRP: $10.00
    Price: $10.00
    JUNE 2020
    ISBN: 9771832342002
    Author: JUNE 2020
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    June 2020

    The new tyranny of distance
    By George Megalogenis

    The last word on George Pell
    By Anne Manne

    The screens that ate school
    By Anna Krien

    The Aquarian ‘terrorist’
    By Hugh Riminton

    Surrounded by pygmies: Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘A Bigger Picture’
    By Robert Manne

    Her too: ‘The Assistant’
    By Shane Danielsen

    Snap-back: Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’
    By Anwen Crawford

    Imprint: Black Inc.
    RRP: $12.95

    Price: $12.95
  • NEW PHILOSOPHER - #27 Family Matters
    NEW PHILOSOPHER - #27 Family Matters
    ISBN: 710535058727
    Title: NEW PHILOSOPHER - #27 Family Matters
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Issue #027: Family Matters

    Tales of brothers feuding, often ending with one committing fratricide, are unsettlingly common in mythology. Set murdered Osiris, Romulus killed Remus, and Oedipus’s sons Eteocles and Polynices killed each other. More recently, and less imaginatively, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler (of Adidas and Puma fame respectively) and Sterling and Stephen Clark (heirs to the Singer sewing machine fortune) turned their backs on one another, over money.

    RRP: $14.95

    Price: $14.95
  • WOMANKIND #23 - England
    WOMANKIND #23 - England
    ISBN: 710535058734
    Title: WOMANKIND #23 - England
    Author: #23
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    #023: England

    “As soon as I saw the house, I knew my life would be changed forever,” she says. The country farmhouse in England is bought and a new path is forged. This is an example of an unexpected find which spins life on a new axis.

    RRP: $14.95

    Price: $14.95