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    ISBN: 9772206937008
    Title: SWAMPLAND
    Format: MAGAZINE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Swampland is a new Australian music magazine.

    Run by a small team, the project was sparked by a frustration at the current lack of print platforms for lengthy, intelligent music journalism. They’re not interested in click counts or amassing vast amounts of content. They won’t publish listicles or irrelevant best-of lists and they're not tied to the PR cycle.

    Instead, they're featuring some of the most interesting music writing and photography in the country.

    Their main aim is to create a space for good writers to make good work and to have a reason to pursue pieces that take quite a long time and quite a lot of thought. They're interested in work that can retain its worth over months, years, even decades; work that asks important questions about Australian music and wonders what that says about our larger cultural context.

    They cover all genres, Australian locations and periods in our music history. They're paying contributors as well as they can for their efforts.

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