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  • BLUEY : The Beach : A Lift-the-Flap Book
    BLUEY : The Beach : A Lift-the-Flap Book
    ISBN: 9781760894054
    Title: BLUEY : The Beach : A Lift-the-Flap Book
    Author: BLUEY
    Format: BOARD BOOK
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Join Bluey for a fun day at the beach. What will you discover along the way?

    While Mum is off for a walk along the beach, Bluey discovers a beautiful shell. She runs to show Mum and has a series of encounters that will both excite and test her in unexpected ways.

    Bluey has been a phenomenal success since airing on ABC KIDS in October 2018, amassing legions of dedicated fans and taking the coveted position of being the most watched program ever on ABC iView, with over 100 million plays. It has also topped the Australian iTunes Kids Chart with the series peaking at #1 and consistently remaining in the Top 5.

    Imprint: Puffin Books
    RRP: $14.99

    Price: $14.99
  • BOB HAWKE : The Complete Biography
    BOB HAWKE : The Complete Biography
    ISBN: 9781760853259
    Title: BOB HAWKE : The Complete Biography
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    To mark Bob Hawke’s extraordinary life and legacy, this master work brings together the story of the man in full in a definitive hardback commemorative biography.

    Bob Hawke began life as a good Christian boy from a teetotal family, became a wild, drinking, womanising student, a Rhodes Scholar, a champion of workers, a folk hero recognised throughout the country, a dynamic politician who was elected four times as Australia’s Prime Minister - and transformed his country. He was our longest serving Labor Prime Minister and considered by many our greatest.

    By the early 1980s Australia was on the road to becoming ‘the poor white trash of Asia’. Hawke as prime minister, with Paul Keating as treasurer, changed all that. Australia became a forward-looking and humane country whose voice commanded respect on the international stage.

    Hawke was an environmentalist before it was fashionable, he loathed racism, helped end apartheid in South Africa, sent ministers to end the war in Cambodia, foresaw that China would become a great world power and established the first Chinese investment in an iron ore mine in Australia.

    His journey from the manse of a small South Australian country town to the palaces of Europe, Asia and the United States is the odyssey of a leader it is hard to imagine we will ever see the like of again - a man of towering passions and commitment to causes, and an unshakeable love of humanity.

    Imprint: Simon & Schuster
    RRP: $59.99

    Price: $49.99
    ISBN: 9781529392968
    Author: ROGERS JANE
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Her observation of our species is tender, precise, illuminating - Hilary Mantel

    In this version of London, there is a small, private clinic. Behind its layers of security, procedures are taking place on poor, robust teenagers from northern Estates in exchange for thousands of pounds - procedures that will bring the wealthy dead back to life in these young supple bodies for fourteen days.

    It's an opportunity for wrongs to be righted, for fathers to meet grandsons, for scientists to see their work completed. Old wine in new bottles.

    But at what cost?

    Imprint: SCEPTRE
    RRP: $29.99
    Price: $29.99
    ISBN: 9781786896865
    Title: BOOK OF MERCY
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    The poems in Book of Mercy brim with praise, despair, anger, doubt and trust. Speaking from the heart of the modern world, yet in tones that resonate with an older devotional tradition, these verses give voice to our deepest, most powerful intuitions.

    Internationally celebrated for his writing and his music, Leonard Cohen is revered as one of the greatest writers, performers, and most consistently daring artists of the last hundred years.

    Imprint: Canongate Books
    RRP: $19.99

    Price: $19.99
    ISBN: 9781760650872
    Title: BOOK OF STONE
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Every stone has a story, the echo of a memory, a walk in the wilderness, a time and a place lived and loved. This book is about these stones.

    Every stone has its own unique story – and everybody needs a story stone and a book to collect it in!

    Mark Greenwood has collected stones of all shapes and sizes since he was a kid and now he wants to share his passion in a book (unlike all other other rock and mineral books) that explains the special connection that can be enjoyed when one pays attention to the stones that are all around us and can mean so much, if we take the time to appreciate them. Together Mark and illustrator, Coral Tulloch, have created a book that allows them to share the theme of geological wonder, solitude, special memories and places through stone.

    Imprint: WALKER BOOKS
    RRP: $27.99
    Price: $27.99
  • BOUNDLESS SEA : A Human History of the Oceans
    BOUNDLESS SEA : A Human History of the Oceans
    ISBN: 9781846145087
    Title: BOUNDLESS SEA : A Human History of the Oceans
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    David Abulafia begins with the earliest of seafaring societies - the Polynesians of the Pacific, the possessors of intuitive navigational skills, long before the invention of the compass, who by the first century were trading between their far-flung islands. By the seventh century, trading routes stretched from the coasts of Arabia and Africa to southern China and Japan, bringing together the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific, linking together half the world through the international spice trade. In the Atlantic, centuries before the little kingdom of Portugal carved out its powerful, seaborne colonial empire, many peoples sought new lands across the sea - the Bretons, the Frisians and, most notably, the Vikings, now known to be the first Europeans to reach North America. As Portuguese supremacy dwindled in the late sixteenth century, the Spanish, the Dutch and then the British each successively ruled the waves.

    Following merchants, explorers, pirates, cartographers and travellers in their quests for spices, gold, ivory, slaves, lands for settlement and knowledge of what lay beyond, David Abulafia has created an extraordinary narrative of humanity and the oceans. Besides its grand narratives, The Boundless Sea explores the lesser known maritime enterprises of Denmark, Sweden, Oman, Sri Vijaya and many others. And today, as plastic refuse covers thousands of square miles of the waters, and once exotic trading cities and outposts are replaced by vast, mechanized container ports, he asks - what next for our oceans and our world?

    Imprint: Allen Lane
    RRP: $69.99

    Price: $69.99
  • BOWIES BOOKS : The Hundred Literary Heroes Who Changed His Life
    BOWIES BOOKS : The Hundred Literary Heroes Who Changed His Life
    ISBN: 9781526605801
    Title: BOWIES BOOKS : The Hundred Literary Heroes Who Changed His Life
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    'What is your idea of perfect happiness?'

    'What is the quality you most like in a man?'
    'The ability to return books.'

    Three years before he died, David Bowie made a list of the one hundred books that had transformed his life a list that formed something akin to an autobiography. From Madame Bovary to A Clockwork Orange, the Iliad to the Beano, these were the publications that had fuelled his creativity and shaped who he was.
    In Bowie's Books, John O'Connell explores this list in the form of one hundred short essays, each offering a perspective on the man, performer and creator that is Bowie, his work as an artist and the era that he lived in.

    Bowie's Books is much more than a list of books you should read in your lifetime- it is a unique insight into one of the greatest minds of our times, and an indispensable part of the legacy that Bowie left behind.

    Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing
    RRP: $34.99

    Price: $34.99
  • BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE    -    (Limited Gift Edition)
    BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE - (Limited Gift Edition)
    ISBN: 9781460758366
    Title: BOY SWALLOWS UNIVERSE - (Limited Gift Edition)
    Author: DALTON TRENT
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Limited hardback gift edition of the bestselling novel that has taken Australia, and the world, by storm.

    Winner of the 2019 ABIA Book of the Year and the 2019 Indie Book of the Year Award

    'Without exaggeration, the best Australian novel I have read in more than a decade' Sydney Morning Herald

    Brisbane, 1983: A lost father, a mute brother, a mum in jail, a heroin dealer for a stepfather and a notorious crim for a babysitter. It's not as if Eli's life isn't complicated enough already. He's just trying to follow his heart, learning what it takes to be a good man, but life just keeps throwing obstacles in the way - not least of which is Tytus Broz, legendary Brisbane drug dealer. But Eli's life is about to get a whole lot more serious. He's about to fall in love. And, oh yeah, he has to break into Boggo Road Gaol on Christmas Day, to save his mum. A story of brotherhood, true love and the most unlikely of friendships, Boy Swallows Universe will be the most heartbreaking, joyous and exhilarating novel you will read all year - an instant Australian classic.Winner of the Debut of the Year and Book of the Year, 2019 Indie Book Awards; winner of the 2019 MUD Literary Prize; shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards; longlisted for the 2019 ABIA Awards.'Marvelously plot-rich ... filled with beautifully lyric prose ... the characterization, too, is universally memorable, especially that of Eli and August. At one point Eli wonders if he is good. The answer is "yes," every bit as good as this exceptional novel.' Booklist

    'Trent Dalton is the most extraordinary writer - a rare talent. A major new voice on the Australian literary scene has arrived.' Nikki Gemmell

    'An astonishing achievement. Dalton is a breath of fresh air - raw, honest, funny, moving, he has created a novel of the most surprising and addictive nature. Unputdownable.' David Wenham

    'I couldn't stop reading from the moment I started, and I still can barely speak for the beauty of it. Trent Dalton has done something very special here, writing with grace, from his own broken heart.' Caroline Overington'

    Stunning. My favourite novel for decades. Left me devastated but looking to the heavens.' Tim Rogers

    'One of the best Australian novels I've ever read' The Guardian

    Imprint: Fourth Estate
    RRP: $39.99

    Price: $39.99
    ISBN: 9781529105100
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    A reminder of the most important things in life. A book of hope for uncertain times.

    Enter the world of Charlie's four unlikely friends, discover their story and their most poignant life lessons. Charlie's first book includes his most-loved illustrations and new ones too.

    The conversations of the boy, the mole, the fox and the horse have been shared thousands of times online, recreated in school art classes, hung on hospital walls and turned into tattoos.

    'A wonderful work of art and a wonderful window into the human heart' Richard Curtis

    Imprint: Ebury Press
    RRP: $35.00

    Price: $35.00
  • BREAKING AND MENDING : A junior doctor's stories of compassion and burnout
    BREAKING AND MENDING : A junior doctor's stories of compassion and burnout
    ISBN: 9781788160575
    Title: BREAKING AND MENDING : A junior doctor's stories of compassion and burnout
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    'A few years ago, I found myself in A&E. I had never felt so ill. I was mentally and physically broken. So fractured, I hadn't eaten properly or slept well, or even changed my expression for months. I sat in a cubicle, behind paper-thin curtains...and I shook with the effort of not crying. I was an inch away from defeat... but I knew I had to carry on. Because I wasn't the patient. I was the doctor.'

    In this powerful memoir, Joanna Cannon tells her own story as a junior doctor, and the stories of many others like her, facing the extraordinary and sometimes daunting landmarks along the way: from the first shock of holding another person's life in your hands, to moments of crisis and loss. In a profession where weakness remains a taboo, this book will bring this tension to life with vivid, human stories, and hope for how we can better care for those we rely on to care for us - as well as crucial lessons on mental health at work for all of us.

    Imprint: Profile Books
    RRP: $27.99

    Price: $27.99
  • BREATH ON DYING EMBERS : A D.C.I. Daley Thriller   #7
    BREATH ON DYING EMBERS : A D.C.I. Daley Thriller #7
    ISBN: 9781846974755
    Title: BREATH ON DYING EMBERS : A D.C.I. Daley Thriller #7
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    When the luxury cruiser, hastily renamed Great Britain, berths in Kinloch harbour, the pressure is on D.C.I. Jim Daley. The UK Government are taking a high-powered group of businessmen and women on a tour of the British isles, golfing and seeing the sights, as part of a push for global trade. But when one of the crew goes missing , and an elderly local ornithologist disappears, will the pressure become too great?

    The arrival of a face from the past, sends Daley's world into a tailspin. And the lives of the passengers and crew of SS Great Britain, as well as the country's economic future are in jeopardy. D.S. Brian Scott comes to the fore, and replete with a temporary promotion, is once more — most reluctantly, in his case — back at sea.

    Daley faces a life and death struggle, but is this his last throw of the dice?

    Imprint: POLYGON
    RRP: $19.99

    Price: $19.99
  • BRIEF HISTORY OF CHINA : Dynasty Revolution and Transformation: From the Middle Kingdom to the People's Republic
    BRIEF HISTORY OF CHINA : Dynasty Revolution and Transformation: From the Middle Kingdom to the People's Republic
    ISBN: 9780804850056
    Title: BRIEF HISTORY OF CHINA : Dynasty Revolution and Transformation: From the Middle Kingdom to the People's Republic
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    For millennia, China was the largest and richest nation on earth. Two centuries ago, however, its economy sank into a depression from which it had not fully recovered-until now. China's modern resurgence as the world's largest nation in terms of population and its second-largest economy - where 800 million people have been lifted out of poverty in the space of a few decades-is the greatest untold story of the 21st century.

    A Brief History of China tells of the development of a rich and complex civilisation where the use of paper, writing, money and gunpowder were widespread in ancient times and where silk, ceramics, tea, metal implements and other products were produced and exported around the globe. It examines the special conditions that allowed a single culture to unify an entire continent spanning 10 billion square kilometres under the rule of a single man-and the unbelievably rich artistic, literary and architectural heritage that Chinese culture has bequeathed to the world. Equally fascinating is the story of China's decline in the 19th and early 20th century - as Europeans and Americans took centre-stage - and its modern resurgence as an economic powerhouse in recent years.

    Today China is a land of gleaming skyscrapers and expressways with the world's largest consumer economy, its biggest network of high-speed trains and a digital infrastructure second to none. But China is also beset by problems - a seemingly homogenous culture with 55 ethnic minorities and a top-down political system where checks and balances are largely absent.

    Clements goes back 5000 years, and even brings readers through to the present day, outlining China's economic renaissance under Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping. Often seen in the West in black or white terms-as either a savage dystopia or a fantastical paradise - China is revealed in the book as an exceptional yet troubled nation that nevertheless warrants its self-description as the Middle Kingdom.

    Imprint: TUTTLE
    RRP: $24.99

    Price: $24.99
  • BRIEF HISTORY OF KOREA : Isolation War Despotism and Revival : The Fascinating Story of a Resilient But Divided People
    BRIEF HISTORY OF KOREA : Isolation War Despotism and Revival : The Fascinating Story of a Resilient But Divided People
    ISBN: 9780804851022
    Title: BRIEF HISTORY OF KOREA : Isolation War Despotism and Revival : The Fascinating Story of a Resilient But Divided People
    Author: SETH MICHAEL J
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Korean culture developed on a 600-mile-long peninsula, bordered on the north by mountains and three sides by the sea, set apart from the Asian mainland. Korea was one of the last countries in Asia to be visited by Westerners and its borders have remained largely unchanged since it was unified in the seventh century. Though it is one of the world's oldest and most ethnically homogeneous states, Korea was not born in a vacuum.

    Geographically isolated, the country was heavily influenced by powerful China and was often used as a bridge to the mainland by Japan. Calling themselves as "a shrimp among whales," Koreans borrowed elements of government, culture and religion all the while fiercely fighting to maintain independence from powerful neighbors.

    This fascinating book tells the story of Korean domestic dynasties, empires and states, as well as foreign conquest, occupation and division. Today, the two Koreas are starkly different-North Korea a nation closed to the world and South Korea an economic powerhouse and centre of Asian democracy. Chronicling significant events right up through 2018's Singapore Summit, author Michael J. Seth presents a relevant, interesting and important history of Korea within a larger global context. Korea's history is a turbulent one, but ultimately the story of a resistant and resourceful people in search of lasting peace.

    'A highly readable and enjoyable book that will serve as an excellent way in to Korean history for anyone with an interest in the country' - Daniel Tudor, author of Korea, The Impossible Country and North Korea

    Imprint: TUTTLE
    RRP: $24.99

    Price: $24.99
  • BRILLIANT MAPS : An Atlas for Curious Minds
    BRILLIANT MAPS : An Atlas for Curious Minds
    ISBN: 9781846276613
    Title: BRILLIANT MAPS : An Atlas for Curious Minds
    Author: WRIGHT IAN
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Which nations have North Korean embassies? What percentage of young people live with their families? Which country lists volleyball as its national sport? How much does it cost to get a pint around the world? And where can you find lions in the wild?

    Revelatory, thought-provoking and fun, Brilliant Maps is a unique atlas of culture, history, politics and miscellanea, compiled by the editor of the iconic Brilliant Maps website. As visually arresting as Information is Beautiful and as full of surprising facts and figures as any encyclopaedia, Brilliant Maps is a stunning piece of cartography that maps our curious and varied planet.

    For graphic design enthusiasts, compulsive Wikipedia readers and those looking for the sort of gift they buy for someone else and wind up keeping for themselves, this book will change the way you see the world and your place in it.

    Imprint: GRANTA
    RRP: $39.99

    Price: $39.99
  • BRITISH IN INDIA : Three Centuries of Ambition and Experience
    BRITISH IN INDIA : Three Centuries of Ambition and Experience
    ISBN: 9780141979212
    Title: BRITISH IN INDIA : Three Centuries of Ambition and Experience
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    The British in this book lived in India from shortly after the reign of Elizabeth I until well into the reign of Elizabeth II. They were soldiers, officials, businessmen, doctors and missionaries of both sexes, planters, engineers and many others, together with children, wives and sisters. This book describes their lives, their work and their extraordinarily varied interactions with the native populations; it also records the very diverse roles they played in the three centuries of British-Indian history. Gilmour writes of people who have never been written about before, men and women who are presented here with humanity and often with humour. The result is a magnificent tapestry of life, an exceptional work of scholarly recovery which reads like a great nineteenth-century novel. It makes a highly original and engaging contribution to a long an important period of British and Indian history.

    Imprint: Penguin Books
    RRP: $26.99

    Price: $26.99
  • BURNING DOWN THE HAUS : Punk Rock Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
    BURNING DOWN THE HAUS : Punk Rock Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
    ISBN: 9780349701318
    Title: BURNING DOWN THE HAUS : Punk Rock Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
    Author: MOHR TIM
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    An extraordinary history of the punk movement in East Germany, perfectly timed for the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 3 October 2019.


    'A thrilling and essential social history that details the rebellious youth movement that helped change the world' Rolling Stone

    'A riveting and inspiring history of punk's hard-fought struggle in East Germany' New York Times

    'Wildly entertaining . . . A joy in the way it brings back punk's fury and high stakes' Vogue


    It began with a handful of East Berlin teens who heard the Sex Pistols on a British military radio broadcast to troops in West Berlin, and it ended with the collapse of the East German dictatorship. Punk rock was a life-changing discovery: in an authoritarian state where the future was preordained, punk, with its rejection of society and DIY approach to building a new one, planted the seeds for revolution.

    As these kids began to form bands, they also became more visible, and security forces - including the dreaded secret police, the Stasi - targeted them. They were spied on by friends and family; they were expelled from schools and fired from jobs; they were beaten by police and imprisoned. But instead of conforming, the punks fought back, playing an indispensable role in the underground movement that helped bring down the Berlin Wall.

    Rollicking, cinematic and thrillingly topical, this secret history brings to life the young men and women who successfully fought authoritarianism three chords at a time. Burning Down the Haus is a fiery testament to the irrepressible spirit of revolution.

    Imprint: Little Brown
    RRP: $45.00

    Price: $45.00
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