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  • MINIMALISM : Live a Meaningful Life

    MINIMALISM : Live a Meaningful Life
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    ISBN: 9780733639081
    Title: MINIMALISM : Live a Meaningful Life
    Format: HARD COVER
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    If life is too cluttered and chaotic, The Minimalists are here to help you make room for the most important things, which aren't really things at all: your health, relationships, growth and passions.

    In Minimalism, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, authors of the popular website and #1 podcast series The Minimalists, introduce you to the joys of living with less.

    Feeling trapped in successful but unfulfilling corporate careers, Joshua and Ryan worked long hours, wasted money, stayed in bad relationships and spiralled into depression. The everyday grind pushed them further into debt and discontent.

    After each undergoing a life-changing event, Joshua and Ryan walked away from their six-figure careers and discovered minimalism. Jettisoning most of their material possessions taught them that physical things can get in the way of the most important 'things' in life: their health, passions, growth, relationships and their contributions to the world around them.

    The Minimalists website, podcast, documentary and sellout tours have helped over 20 million people declutter and find meaning. Minimalism is your chance to see how your life can be better with less.

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