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    ISBN: 9780745653716
    Title: ZIZEK NOW
    Author: KHADER JAMIL
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    Arguably the most prolific and widely read philosopher of our time, Slavoj Zizek has made indelible interventions into a number of disciplines in the so-called human sciences that have transformed the terms of discussion in these fields. Although his work has been the subject of many volumes of searching criticism and commentary, there is no assessment to date of the value of his work for the development of these disciplines. Zizek Now brings together distinguished critics to explore the utility and far-ranging implications of i ek's thought and provide an evaluation of the difference his work makes or promises to make in their chosen fields. As such, the volume offers chapters on quantum physics and Zizek's transcendentalist materialist theory of the subject, Hegel's absolute, materialist Christianity, postcolonial violence, eco-politics, ceremonial acts, and the postcolonial revolutionary subject. Contributors to the volume include Adrian Johnston, Ian Parker, Todd McGowan, Bruno Bosteels, Erik Vogt, Verena Andermatt Conley, Joshua Ramey, Jamil Khader, and Zizek himself.

    Imprint: POLITY
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