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  • ARABESQUES : A Tale of Double Lives

    ARABESQUES : A Tale of Double Lives
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    ISBN: 9781925589009
    Title: ARABESQUES : A Tale of Double Lives
    Format: PAPER COVER
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    One Sunday afternoon in a secluded valley in Normandy, Robert Dessaix chanced upon the castle where the 20th-century French writer André Gide spent his childhood. Recalling the excitement he felt when he first read Gide as a teenager, Dessaix sets off to recapture what it was that once drew him so strongly to this enigmatic figure.

    On a magic carpet ride from Lisbon to the edge of the Sahara, from Paris to the south of France and Algiers, he takes us to the places where the Nobel Prize winning author, in ways still scandalous to modern sensibilities, lived out his unconventional ideas about love, marriage, sexuality and religion.

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