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  • BEGINNERS GUIDE TO JAPAN : Observations and Provocations

    BEGINNERS GUIDE TO JAPAN : Observations and Provocations
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    ISBN: 9781526611536
    Title: BEGINNERS GUIDE TO JAPAN : Observations and Provocations
    Author: IYER PICO
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    A playful and profound guide to the enigma of contemporary Japan, from one of the most engaging and discerning travel writers of his generation
    After thirty-two years in Japan, Pico Iyer can use everything from anime to Oscar Wilde to show how his adopted home is both hauntingly familiar and the strangest place on earth. He draws on readings, reflections and conversations with Japanese friends to illuminate an unknown place for newcomers, and to give longtime residents a look at their home through fresh eyes.

    A Beginner's Guide to Japan is a playful and profound guidebook full of surprising, brief and incisive glimpses into Japanese culture. Iyer's adventures and observations as he travels from a meditation-hall to a love-hotel, from West Point to Kyoto Station make for a constantly surprising series of provocations guaranteed to pique the interest and curiosity of those who don't know Japan, and to remind those who do of the wide range of fascinations the country and culture contain.

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