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  • 18 TINY DEATHS : The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics
    18 TINY DEATHS : The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics
    ISBN: 9781913068042
    Title: 18 TINY DEATHS : The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    For most of human history, sudden and unexpected deaths of a suspicious nature, when they were investigated at all, were examined by lay persons without any formal training. People often got away with murder. Modern forensic investigation originates with Frances Glessner Lee - a pivotal figure in police science.

    Frances Glessner Lee (1878-1962), born a socialite to a wealthy and influential Chicago family, was never meant to have a career, let alone one steeped in death and depravity. Yet she became the mother of modern forensics and was instrumental in elevating homicide investigation to a scientific discipline.

    Frances Glessner Lee learned forensic science under the tutelage of pioneering medical examiner Magrath - he told her about his cases, gave her access to the autopsy room to observe post-mortems and taught her about poisons and patterns of injury. A voracious reader too, Lee acquired and read books on criminology and forensic science - eventually establishing the largest library of legal medicine.

    Lee went on to create The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death - a series of dollhouse-sized crime scene dioramas depicting the facts of actual cases in exquisitely detailed miniature - and perhaps the thing she is most famous for. Celebrated by artists, miniaturists and scientists, the Nutshell Studies are a singularly unusual collection. They were first used as a teaching tool in homicide seminars at Harvard Medical School in the 1930s, and then in 1945 the homicide seminar for police detectives that is the longest-running and still the highest-regarded training of its kind in America. Both of which were established by the pioneering Lee.

    In 18 TINY DEATHS, Bruce Goldfarb weaves Lee's remarkable story with the advances in forensics made in her lifetime to tell the tale of the birth of modern forensics.

    Imprint: Hachette Publishers
    RRP: $32.99
    Price: $32.99
    ISBN: 9781788164443
    Author: DE WAAL FRANS
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    'Kindness and co-operation have played a crucial role in raising humans to the top of the evolutionary tree ... We have thrived on the milk of human kindness.' Observer

    'There is a widely-held assumption that humans are hard-wired for relentless and ruthless competition ... Frans de Waal sees nature differently - as a biological legacy in which empathy, not mere self-interest, is shared by humans, bonobos and animals.' Ben Macintyre, the Times

    Empathy holds us together. That we are hardwired to be altruistic is the result of thousands of years of evolutionary biology which has kept society from slipping into anarchy. But we are not alone: primates, elephants, even rodents are empathetic creatures too.

    Social behaviours such as the herding instinct, bonding rituals, expressions of consolation and even conflict resolution demonstrate that animals are designed to feel for each other. From chimpanzees caring for mates that have been wounded by leopards, elephants reassuring youngsters in distress and dolphins preventing sick companions from drowning, with a wealth of anecdotes, scientific observations, wry humour and incisive intelligence, The Age of Empathy is essential reading for all who believe in the power of our connections to each other.

    RRP: $22.99

    Price: $22.99
  • AGELESS : The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old
    AGELESS : The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old
    ISBN: 9781526608291
    Title: AGELESS : The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Ageless is a guide to the science driving biology's biggest story- why we get old, and how we can stop it.
    Ageing o not cancer, not heart disease o is the world's leading cause of death and suffering. We accept as inevitable that as we get older our bodies and minds begin to deteriorate, and we are increasingly likely to be struck by dementia or disease. Ageing is so deeply ingrained in human experience that we never think to ask- is it necessary?

    Biologists, on the other hand, have been investigating that question for years.

    Ageless introduces us to the cutting-edge research that is paving the way for a revolution in medicine. It takes us inside the laboratories where scientists are studying every aspect of the cell o DNA, mitochondria, stems cells, our immune systems, even age genes that have helped animals to a tenfold increase in lifespan o all in an effort to forestall or reverse the body's decline.
    Computational biologist Andrew Steele offers reality-based hope, explaining what is happening as we age and practical ways we can help slow down the process. He reveals how understanding the scientific implications of ageing could lead to the greatest discovery in the history of medicine o one that has the potential to improve billions of lives, save trillions of dollars, and transform the human condition.

    Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing
    RRP: $29.99

    Price: $29.99
    ISBN: 9781408845721
    Author: BELLOS ALEX
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

    From triangles, rotations and power laws, to fractals, cones and curves, bestselling author Alex Bellos takes you on a journey of mathematical discovery with his signature wit, engaging stories and limitless enthusiasm. As he narrates a series of eye-opening encounters with lively personalities all over the world, Alex demonstrates how numbers have come to be our friends, are fascinating and extremely accessible, and how they have changed our world.

    He turns even the dreaded calculus into an easy-to-grasp mathematical exposition, and sifts through over 30,000 survey submissions to reveal the world's favourite number. In Germany, he meets the engineer who designed the first roller-coaster loop, whilst in India he joins the world's highly numerate community at the International Congress of Mathematicians. He explores the wonders behind the Game of Life program, and explains mathematical logic, growth and negative numbers. Stateside, he hangs out with a private detective in Oregon and meets the mathematician who looks for universes from his garage in Illinois.

    Read this captivating book, and you won't realise that you're learning about complex concepts. Alex will get you hooked on maths as he delves deep into humankind's turbulent relationship with numbers, and proves just how much fun we can have with them.

    Imprint: BLOOMSBURY
    RRP: $19.99

    Price: $19.99
    ISBN: 9781526623997
    Author: BELLOS ALEX
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    The tenth anniversary edition of the Sunday Times bestselling book
    The world of maths can seem mind-boggling, irrelevant and, let's face it, boring. This groundbreaking book reclaims maths from the geeks. Mathematical ideas underpin just about everything in our lives- from the surprising geometry of the 50p piece to how probability can help you win in any casino. In search of weird and wonderful mathematical phenomena, Alex Bellos travels across the globe and meets the world's fastest mental calculators in Germany and a startlingly numerate chimpanzee in Japan. Packed with fascinating, eye-opening anecdotes, Alex's Adventures in Numberland is an exhilarating cocktail of history, reportage and mathematical proofs that will leave you awestruck.
    Shortlisted for the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize

    This anniversary edition has been revised and updated by the author.

    Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing
    RRP: $22.99

    Price: $22.99
  • AM I DREAMING ? : The Science of Altered States, from Psychedelics to Virtual Reality and Beyond
    AM I DREAMING ? : The Science of Altered States, from Psychedelics to Virtual Reality and Beyond
    ISBN: 9781786495532
    Title: AM I DREAMING ? : The Science of Altered States, from Psychedelics to Virtual Reality and Beyond
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    When a computer goes wrong, we are told to turn it off and on again. In Am I Dreaming?, science journalist James Kingsland reveals how the human brain is remarkably similar. By rebooting our hard-wired patterns of thinking - through so-called 'altered states of consciousness' - we can gain new perspectives into ourselves and the world around us.

    From shamans in Peru to tech workers in Silicon Valley, Kingsland provides a fascinating tour through lucid dreams, mindfulness, hypnotic trances, virtual reality and drug-induced hallucinations. An eye-opening insight into perception and consciousness, this is also a provocative argument for how altered states can significantly boost our mental health.

    Imprint: Atlantic Books
    RRP: $22.99

    Price: $22.99
  • AMONG THE PIGEONS : Why our cats belong indoors
    AMONG THE PIGEONS : Why our cats belong indoors
    ISBN: 9781743056141
    Title: AMONG THE PIGEONS : Why our cats belong indoors
    Author: READ JOHN L
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: BACK IN STOCK SOON

    Ecologist John Read travelled the world consulting cat experts and collating the most recent science. He balances the allure of indoor cats with the animal welfare and conservation issues they create when allowed to roam. He also presents solutions, from breeding ideal indoor pet cats to developing humane and targeted tools to control feral cats.

    Imprint: WAKEFIELD
    RRP: $34.95

    Price: $34.95
  • ANAESTHESIA : The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness
    ANAESTHESIA : The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness
    ISBN: 9781922268747
    Title: ANAESTHESIA : The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    You know how it is when you go under. The jab, the countdown, the-
    -and then you wake.

    This book is about what happens in between.

    Until a hundred and seventy years ago many people chose death over the ordeal of surgery. Now hundreds of thousands undergo operations every day. Anaesthesia has made it possible.

    But how much do we really know about what happens to us on the operating table? Can we hear what's going on around us? Is pain still pain if we are not awake to feel it, or don't remember it afterwards? How does the unconscious mind deal with the body's experience of being cut open and ransacked? And how can we help ourselves through it?

    Haunting, lyrical, sometimes shattering, Anaesthesia leavens science with personal experience to bring an intensely human curiosity to the unknowable realm beyond consciousness.

    Imprint: Text Publishing
    RRP: $24.99

    Price: $24.99
    ISBN: 9781846147449
    Title: ANALOGIA
    Author: DYSON GEORGE
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: August 2020 New Release

    In a world where humans coexist with technologies they no longer control or understand, who holds the future?

    George Dyson plots a thrilling and unexpected course through 300 years of history and science to reveal the hidden connections that underpin the digital transformation of the current age, ending with a premonition of what might follow.

    From an eighteenth-century Russian expedition to the furthest reaches of North America, to the mirror signals that heralded the age of digital long-range communications and the invention of the vacuum tube, Analogia interweaves historical adventure with scientific insight in a deeply personal story that frames the pursuit - and cost - of the digital revolution in a captivating new light.

    Imprint: Allen Lane
    RRP: $49.99
    Price: $49.99
  • ANATOMICA : The Exquisite and Unsettling Art of Human Anatomy
    ANATOMICA : The Exquisite and Unsettling Art of Human Anatomy
    ISBN: 9781786275714
    Title: ANATOMICA : The Exquisite and Unsettling Art of Human Anatomy
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    For centuries, humankind has sought to know itself through an understanding of the body, in sickness and in health, inside and out. This fascination left in its wake a rich body of artworks that demonstrate not only the facts of the human body, but also the ways in which our ideas about the body and its proper representation have changed over time.

    At times both beautiful and repulsive, illustrated anatomy continues to hold our interest today, and is frequently referenced in popular culture. Anatomica brings together some of the most striking, fascinating and bizarre artworks from the 16th through to the 20th century, exploring human anatomy in one beautiful volume.

    Imprint: Laurence King Publishers
    RRP: $49.99

    Price: $49.99
  • ANCESTORS TALE : A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life
    ANCESTORS TALE : A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life
    ISBN: 9781474606455
    Title: ANCESTORS TALE : A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    A fully updated edition of one of the most original accounts of evolution ever written, featuring new fractal diagrams, six new 'tales' and the latest scientific developments.

    THE ANCESTOR'S TALE is a dazzling, four-billion-year pilgrimage to the origins of life: Richard Dawkins and Yan Wong take us on an exhilarating reverse journey through evolution, from present-day humans back to the microbial beginnings of life. It is a journey happily interrupted by meetings of fellow modern animals (as well as plants, fungi and bacteria) similarly tracing their evolutionary path back through history. As each evolutionary pilgrim tells their tale, Dawkins and Wong shed light on topics such as speciation, sexual selection and extinction.

    Written with unparalleled wit, clarity and intelligence; taking in new scientific discoveries of the past decade; and including new 'tales', illustrations and fractal diagrams, THE ANCESTOR'S TALE shows us how remarkable we are, how astonishing our history, and how intimate our relationship with the rest of the living world.

    RRP: $27.99

    Price: $27.99
  • ANCIENT BONES : Unearthing the astonishing new story of how we became human
    ANCIENT BONES : Unearthing the astonishing new story of how we became human
    ISBN: 9781922310347
    Title: ANCIENT BONES : Unearthing the astonishing new story of how we became human
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    A leading paleontologist discovers the missing link in human evolution.

    Somewhere west of Munich, Madelaine B hme and her colleagues dig for clues to the origins of humankind. What they discover is beyond anything they imagined- the fossilised bones of Danuvius guggenmosi ignite a global media frenzy. This ancient ancestor defies our knowledge of human history - his nearly twelve-million-year-old bones were not located in Africa - the so-called birthplace of humanity - but in Europe, and his features suggest we evolved much differently than scientists once believed.

    In prose that reads like a gripping detective novel, Ancient Bones interweaves the story of the dig that changed everything with the fascinating answer to a previously undecided and now pressing question- How, exactly, did we become human? Placing B hme's discovery alongside former theories of human evolution, the authors show how this remarkable find (and others in Eurasia) are forcing us to rethink the story we've been told about how we came to be, a story that has been our guiding narrative - until now

    Imprint: Scribe Publications
    RRP: $35.00

    Price: $35.00
  • ANIMALS AMONG US : The New Science of Anthrozoology
    ANIMALS AMONG US : The New Science of Anthrozoology
    ISBN: 9780141980164
    Title: ANIMALS AMONG US : The New Science of Anthrozoology
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    The bestselling author of Dog Sense and Cat Sense explains why living with animals has always been a fundamental aspect of being human. In this highly original and hugely enjoyable work, John Bradshaw examines modern humans' often contradictory relationship with the animal world. Why, despite the apparent irrationality of keeping pets, do half of today's American households, and almost that figure in the UK, have at least one pet (triple the rate of the 1970s)? Then again, why do we care for some animals in our homes, and designate others only as a source of food? Through these and many other questions, one of the world's foremost anthrozoology experts shows that our relationship with animals is nothing less than an intrinsic part of human nature. An affinity for animals drove our evolution and now, without animals around us, we risk losing an essential part of ourselves.

    Imprint: PENGUIN BOOKS
    RRP: $22.99

    Price: $22.99
    ISBN: 9781529109887
    Author: GREEN JOHN
    Publishing status: May 2021 New Release

    Imprint: Random House Publishing
    RRP: $35.00
    Price: $35.00
    ISBN: 9781786496881
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: April 2021 New Release

    'Entertaining and insightful' - Evening Standard
    'One of the most important books of the year... Compelling' - Jamie Bartlett, Literary Review
    'Timely' - New Statesman

    As the world becomes better connected and we grow ever more dependent on technology, the risks to our infrastructure are multiplying. Whether it's a hostile state striking the national grid (like Russia did with Ukraine in 2016) or a freak solar storm, our systems have become so interlinked that if one part goes down the rest topple like dominoes.

    In this groundbreaking book, former government minister Oliver Letwin looks ten years into the future and imagines a UK in which the national grid has collapsed. Reliant on the internet, automated electric cars, voice-over IP, GPS, and the internet of things, law and order would disintegrate. Taking us from high-level government meetings to elderly citizens waiting in vain for their carers, this book is a wake up call for why we should question our unshakeable faith in technology. But it's much more than that: Letwin uses his vast experience in government to outline how businesses and government should respond to catastrophic black swan events that seem distant and implausible - until they occur.

    Imprint: Allen and Unwin Publishers
    RRP: $22.99
    Price: $22.99
  • APOCALYPSE NEVER : Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All
    APOCALYPSE NEVER : Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All
    ISBN: 9780063074767
    Title: APOCALYPSE NEVER : Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Climate change is real but it's not the end of the world. It is not even our most serious environmental problem.

    Michael Shellenberger has been fighting for a greener planet for decades. He helped save the world's last unprotected redwoods. He co-created the predecessor to today's Green New Deal. And he led a successful effort by climate scientists and activists to keep nuclear plants operating, preventing a spike of emissions.

    But in 2019, as some claimed "billions of people are going to die," contributing to rising anxiety, including among adolescents, Shellenberger decided that, as a lifelong environmental activist, leading energy expert, and father of a teenage daughter, he needed to speak out to separate science from fiction.

    Despite decades of news media attention, many remain ignorant of basic facts. Carbon emissions peaked and have been declining in most developed nations for over a decade. Deaths from extreme weather, even in poor nations, declined 80 percent over the last four decades. And the risk of Earth warming to very high temperatures is increasingly unlikely thanks to slowing population growth and abundant natural gas.

    Curiously, the people who are the most alarmist about the problems also tend to oppose the obvious solutions.

    What's really behind the rise of apocalyptic environmentalism There are powerful financial interests. There are desires for status and power. But most of all there is a desire among supposedly secular people for transcendence. This spiritual impulse can be natural and healthy. But in preaching fear without love, and guilt without redemption, the new religion is failing to satisfy our deepest psychological and existential needs.

    Imprint: Harper Collins
    RRP: $34.99

    Price: $34.99
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