Block of Books
    ISBN: 9781510749382
    Title: ABCS OF ART
    Author: HAHN SABRINA
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Learn the alphabet through fine art!

    Spark your child’s creativity and curiosity with this delightfully curated alphabet book featuring some of the world’s most iconic paintings. In this collection, your child will discover artwork by Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, and many others. Help them locate the earring in Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring, teach them different colours while examining Monet's Water Lilies, and count the pieces of fruit in Cezanne's The Basket of Apples.

    Imprint: Newsouth Books
    RRP: $29.99

    Price: $29.99
    ISBN: 9781471162664
    Author: KANON JOSEPH
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    A heart-pounding and intelligent espionage novel about a Nazi war criminal who was supposed to be dead, the rogue CIA agent on his trail, and the beautiful woman connected to them both.

    Seventeen years after the fall of the Third Reich, Max Weill has never forgotten the atrocities he saw as a prisoner at Auschwitz—nor the face of Dr Otto Schramm, a camp doctor who worked with Mengele on appalling experiments and who sent Max’s family to the gas chambers. As the war came to a close, Schramm was one of the many high-ranking former-Nazi officers who managed to escape Germany for new lives in South America. There, leaders like Argentina’s Juan Perón gave them safe harbour and new identities.

    With his life nearing its end, Max asks his nephew Aaron Wiley—an American CIA desk analyst—to complete the task Max never could: to track down Otto in Argentina, capture him and bring him back to Germany to stand trial.

    Unable to deny Max, Aaron travels to Buenos Aires and discovers a city where Nazis thrive in plain sight, mingling with Argentine high society. He ingratiates himself with Otto’s alluring but wounded daughter, whom he is convinced is hiding her father. Enlisting the help of a German newspaper reporter, an Israeli agent and the obliging CIA station chief in Buenos Aires, Aaron hunts for Otto—a complicated monster, unexpectedly human but still capable of murder if cornered.

    Unable to distinguish allies from enemies, Aaron will ultimately have to discover not only Otto, but the boundaries of his own personal morality, how far he is prepared to go to render justice.

    Imprint: Simon & Schuster
    RRP: $32.99

    Price: $32.99
  • ACTING AND REACTING : Tools for the Modern Actor
    ACTING AND REACTING : Tools for the Modern Actor
    ISBN: 9781854598035
    Title: ACTING AND REACTING : Tools for the Modern Actor
    Author: MOSELEY NICK
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    An inspiring new approach to acting from a respected drama teacher - concise, succinct and full of practical exercises.

    Nick Moseley's Acting and Reacting: Tools for the Modern Actor establishes a new, intensely practical actor-training system incorporating the best of Stanislavsky, David Mamet and Sanford Meisner.

    Starting with the technique of Transactional Improvisation, it covers topics such as:

    ** The World of the Play
    ** Inhabiting the Space
    ** Learning to Trust Your Body
    ** Approaches to Text

    The result is a punchy and empowering book intended to shake up ideas about acting. Each theory is tested and reinforced with games and exercises that stretch and challenge the student actor at each stage.

    Acting and Reacting is a must for drama teachers and drama students alike

    Imprint: NICK HERN
    RRP: $29.99

    Price: $29.99
    ISBN: 9781529361377
    Title: AGATHA
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    A psychiatrist is counting down towards his upcoming retirement. He lives alone in his childhood home and has neither friends nor family.

    Often, he resorts to drawing bird caricatures of his patients instead of taking notes. His social life consists of brief conversations with his meticulous secretary Madame Surrugue, who has reigned over the clinic for more than thirty years. The two of them have no relationship outside the office, where everything runs smoothly and uneventfully.

    Until one day, that is, when a young German woman called Agatha arrives and demands to see the doctor and he soon realizes that underneath her fragile exterior is a strong and fascinating woman. The doctor and Agatha embark upon a course of therapy together, a process that forces the doctor to confront his fear of true intimacy outside the clinic. But is it too late to reconsider your existence as a 71-year-old?

    Imprint: SCEPTRE
    RRP: $22.99
    Price: $22.99
    ISBN: 9781891241345
    Author: DOYLE PETER
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    As 1959 dawns, Billy Glasheen is in deeper trouble than ever. The past has caught up with him in the form of Fred Slaney, Sydney's meanest, most corrupt cop, who's got Billy framed up for the murder of his crooked partner. Not that Slaney wants to arrest him - what he wants is ten grand. He gives Billy a choice - pay up within six months, or take early retirement, forever. Billy can't think of a legal way to come up with the money that fast, and anyway, earning an honest living has never been his strength.

    So what's the answer? Up the ante on Uncle Dick's mailorder scams? Rig a horse race or two? Rob a bank? Maybe all of the above? Surely something will work...and it does, though not in the way you might expect - and not before Billy's situation gets a whole lot worse.

    RRP: $24.99

    Price: $24.99
  • ANATOLIA : Adventures in Turkish Eating
    ANATOLIA : Adventures in Turkish Eating
    ISBN: 9781760525521
    Title: ANATOLIA : Adventures in Turkish Eating
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Every dish tastes better when it comes with a good story. Anatolia, Adventures in Turkish eating is much more than a cookbook. It's a travel guide, narrative journey and richly illustrated exploration of a 4,000 year old cooking culture. Istanbul-born chef Somer Sivrioglu and food scholar David Dale reveal the fascinating tales, tricks and rituals that enliven the Turkish table. Here they profile the superstars of modern Turkish hospitality and reimagine recipes ranging from the grand banquets of the Ottoman empire to the spicy snacks of Istanbul's street stalls, from epic breakfasts on the eastern border to seafood mezes on the Aegean coastline. With more than 100 stories and recipes, including many suitable for vegetarians or vegans, this is the what, the where, the how and the why of eating the Turkish way.

    Imprint: Murdoch Books
    RRP: $49.99

    Price: $49.99
  • ANTHONY BOURDAIN : The Last Interview
    ANTHONY BOURDAIN : The Last Interview
    ISBN: 9781612198248
    Title: ANTHONY BOURDAIN : The Last Interview
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Anthony Bourdain always downplayed his skills as a chef (many disagreed). But despite his modesty, one thing even he agreed with was that he was a born raconteur-as he makes clear in this collection of sparkling conversations. His wit, passion, and deep intelligence shine through all manner of discussion here, from heart-to-hearts with bloggers, to on-stage talks before massive crowds, to intense interviews with major television programs. Without fail, Bourdain is always blisteringly honest-such as when he talks about his battles with addiction, or when detailing his thoughts on restaurant critics. He regularly dispenses arresting insight about how what's on your plate reveals much of history and politics. And perhaps best of all, the heartfelt empathy he developed travelling the world for his TV shows is always in the fore, as these talks make the "Hemingway of gastronomy," as chef Marco Pierre White called him, live again.

    RRP: $27.99

    Price: $27.99
  • ARABS : A 3000-Year History of Peoples Tribes and Empires
    ARABS : A 3000-Year History of Peoples Tribes and Empires
    ISBN: 9780300251630
    Title: ARABS : A 3000-Year History of Peoples Tribes and Empires
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    This kaleidoscopic book covers almost 3,000 years of Arab history and shines a light on the footloose Arab peoples and tribes who conquered lands and disseminated their language and culture over vast distances. Tracing this process to the origins of the Arabic language, rather than the advent of Islam, Tim Mackintosh-Smith begins his narrative more than a thousand years before Muhammad and focuses on how Arabic, both spoken and written, has functioned as a vital source of shared cultural identity over the millennia. Mackintosh-Smith reveals how linguistic developments from pre-Islamic poetry to the growth of script, Muhammad's use of writing, and the later problems of printing Arabic have helped and hindered the progress of Arab history, and investigates how, even in today's politically fractured post Arab Spring environment, Arabic itself is still a source of unity and disunity.

    RRP: $37.99

    Price: $37.99
    ISBN: 9781786899507
    Title: ARBORETUM
    Author: BYRNE DAVID
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    For over thirty years, besides making music, David Byrne has focused his unique genius upon forms as diverse as the archaeology of music as we know it, architectural photography and the uses of PowerPoint. Now he presents his most personal work to date, a collection of drawings exploring the form of the tree diagram.

    Arboretum is an eclectic blend of science, automatic writing, self-analysis and satire. A journey through irrational logic - the application of scientific rigour and form to irrational premises, proceeding from careful nonsense to unexpected sense.

    The tree diagram is a form that might reveal more about yourself than you dreamed possible.

    Imprint: Allen and Unwin Publishers
    RRP: $39.99

    Price: $39.99
  • ARSONIST : A Mind on Fire   -   Indie Book of the Year 2019 - Non-Fiction
    ARSONIST : A Mind on Fire - Indie Book of the Year 2019 - Non-Fiction
    ISBN: 9781760895242
    Title: ARSONIST : A Mind on Fire - Indie Book of the Year 2019 - Non-Fiction
    Author: HOOPER CHLOE
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    On the scorching February day in 2009 that became known as Black Saturday, a man lit two fires in Victoria's Latrobe Valley, then sat on the roof of his house to watch the inferno. In the Valley, where the rates of crime were the highest in the state, more than thirty people were known to police as firebugs. But the detectives soon found themselves on the trail of a man they didn't know.

    The Arsonist takes readers on the hunt for this man, and inside the strange puzzle of his mind. It is also the story of fire in this country, and of a community that owed its existence to that very element. The command of fire has defined and sustained us as a species - understanding its abuse will define our future.

    A powerful real-life thriller written with Hooper's trademark lyric detail and nuance, The Arsonist is a reminder that in an age of fire, all of us are gatekeepers.

    Imprint: Penguin Books
    RRP: $22.99

    Price: $22.99
    ISBN: 9780711245303
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Set your spirit of adventure free with this journey to the world's great oceans, discovering the diversity of life that exists in the deep blue sea. Whether you're travelling long haul with leatherback turtles across the Pacific, snoozing with sea otters or ice bathing with a walrus, this book celebrates the very prescient topic of the world's oceans with Lucy Letherland's animal characters. A natural history lesson in an adventure book, each spread features 10 captions and and facts about every destination. The 5th title in the best-selling Atlas of Adventures series that has now been translated into 31 languages.

    RRP: $35.00

    Price: $35.00
  • ATLAS OF UNUSUAL BORDERS : Discover intriguing boundaries, territories and geographical curiosities
    ATLAS OF UNUSUAL BORDERS : Discover intriguing boundaries, territories and geographical curiosities
    ISBN: 9780008351779
    Title: ATLAS OF UNUSUAL BORDERS : Discover intriguing boundaries, territories and geographical curiosities
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    The world is not always what we think it is. This beautifully designed book presents unusual borders, enclaves and exclaves, divided or non-existent cities and islands. Numerous conflicts have left countries divided and often shattered. Remnants of countries can by design or accident be left behind as a legal anomaly in this complex world.

    Most people believe that a country's borders are clearly defined: just lines that separate countries. Everything on one side of the line belongs to one country and everything on the other side belongs to another country. This might be the case most of the time, but there are unusual exceptions to this unwritten rule.

    Examples include:
    * Campione d'Italia where Italian residents have to travel 15km through Switzerland to reach the nearest available Italian territory
    * Tomb of Suleyman Shah which is a tiny Turkish enclave within Syria which was moved closer to Turkey when Lake Assad was created but still stayed in Syria
    * Pheasant Island which for half a year belongs to the Spanish city of Irun, and the remaining half, to its French twin-town, Hendaye
    * Canadian Stanstead and American Beebe Plain where the boundary line runs along the centre of the main street, so that the houses on one side of the street are in Canada and on the other in the United States

    These and many more instances are captured in this fascinating book full of strange geographical intrigue.

    Imprint: COLLINS
    RRP: $39.99

    Price: $39.99
    ISBN: 9781781318959
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Discover the cities that once ruled their kingdoms, uncover the dramatic effect of changing seas and rivers on the land and people by their sides and imagine what the world once looked like as you discover the places that have vanished from modern atlases.

    Maps offer us a chance to see not just how our world looks today, but how it once looked. But what about the places that are no longer mapped?

    Cities forgotten under the dust of newly settled land? Rivers and seas whose changing shape has shifted the landscape around them? Or, even, places that have seemingly vanished, without a trace?

    Travis Elborough takes you on a voyage to all corners of the world in search of the lost, disappearing and vanished. Specially commissioned cartography showing each place as It once was and how it is today and archive photography bring these incredible stories to life.

    Imprint: QUARTO US
    RRP: $39.99

    Price: $39.99
    ISBN: 9781789141245
    Title: AUSTRALIA
    Format: PAPER COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    This book tells the story of the architects and buildings that have defined Australia’s architectural culture since the founding of the modern nation through Federation in 1901. That year marked the beginning of a search for city forms and better buildings to accommodate the realities of Australian life and to express an emerging distinctive and, eventually, confident Australian identity. While Sydney and Melbourne were the settings for many of the major buildings, all states and territories developed architectural traditions based on distinctive histories and climates. This book covers the flowering of these many variants, from the bid to create a model city in Canberra, through the stylistic battles that opened a space for modernism, to the idealism of postwar reconstruction and beyond to the new millennium. It reveals a vibrant and influential culture, at its best when it matches a civic idealism with the sensuality of a country of stunning light and landscapes.

    RRP: $59.99

    Price: $59.99
  • BABAR COLLECTION : Four Classic Stories Midi Format
    BABAR COLLECTION : Four Classic Stories Midi Format
    ISBN: 9780603577574
    Title: BABAR COLLECTION : Four Classic Stories Midi Format
    Format: BOXED SET
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    Jean de Brunhoff's tales of Babar have charmed readers around the world for 80 years. One of those most iconic series of animal books in history, Babar has become a household name both as a character in children's books and on TV. Beautifully illustrated, this edition is an ideal gift for children aged 3 and up.

    This slipcase includes the following titles: The Story of Babar, Babar the King, Babar at Home, and Babar's Travels.

    Imprint: Egmont Books
    RRP: $34.99

    Price: $34.99
  • BAD TRIP : Dark Omens New Worlds and the End of the Sixties
    BAD TRIP : Dark Omens New Worlds and the End of the Sixties
    ISBN: 9781785784538
    Title: BAD TRIP : Dark Omens New Worlds and the End of the Sixties
    Author: RILEY JAMES
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    The Sixties, for many, was a time of new ideas, freedom, and renewed hope - from the civil rights movement to Woodstock.

    But it all seemed to implode towards the end of 1969 and early 1970 amidst the Manson murders, the Zodiac Killer, and the tragic events of the Rolling Stones' concert at Altamont. With that, the hippie dream died - or so the story goes.

    In The Bad Trip, James Riley explores the dark side of the counterculture, arguing that a seam of apocalyptic thinking lay just beneath the decade's psychedelic utopianism all along. This is a magical mystery tour, exploring our concept of 'the Sixties' as substantially different from the reality of that period.

    A brilliant and trenchant cultural history published 50 years after the action - drawing on interviews with key figures from the music, art, and film scenes of the late 1960s and early 1970s in the US and UK.

    Imprint: ICON
    RRP: $29.99

    Price: $29.99
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